Nina Esposito Series

It is the summer of 1979 in Greenwich Village, and nineteen-year-old Nina Esposito finds herself in the middle of the hunt for a serial killer. Her best friend Benny tells her not to worry that young women who fit her description are being killed in nearby alleys. What? Not worry that girls just like her are being killed? That her acting teacher is a suspect and wants to date her? That a detective is harassing her about the case? Why shouldn’t she worry, when worrying is one of the things she does best? After all, she has been perfecting it all of her young life. 


Set in New York City in the autumn of 1980, Fool’s Gold is the story of twenty-year-old Nina Esposito. No family of her own, and yearning to fit in somewhere, Nina takes a new restaurant job where she uncovers clues about the father she never knew. When one of the bartenders is murdered, Nina can’t walk away even though she knows she may be in danger. 




In the novella A Time To Reap we find Nina Esposito in New York City in the spring of 1981. Hired by an insurance company to investigate some chalices that were stolen from a church, Nina struggles with questions of faith and vulnerability as she tries to solve a locked room mystery.